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TourWrist is a groundbreaking iPhone app that can take you to a faraway place, tour a house, scan photographs and even create your own tour of all the above. Sound crazy? Read on.

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TourWrist lets you take virtual tours across the globe, navigating the settings with a gyroscope feature. It’s not surprising that the travel app placed among MacWorld’s iWorld 2012 Best of Show winners. This free iPhone app is completely fresh, innovative and, per this category, an incredible way to augment your reality.

Once you launch the app, get comfortable, as you’ll likely be engaged for a while. The app is called TourWrist, as its main feature is that it lets users browse tours, which are 360-degree views of endless sites around the world. View vacation resorts in Playa del Carmen, real-estate properties in Europe, Norwegian cruise ships and even American Idol and radio show host Ryan Seacrest in the studio interviewing

To browse tours, you can choose between categories (from retail and restaurants to vehicles and arts/entertainment), featured tours, new additions, my panos (a “pano” is a tour you create—more on that later), panos you love or a saved panos. Once you’ve chosen a category, there are hundreds of scenarios to choose from, meaning that TourWrist continues to expand upon the options and filters. But when you get to your desired destination, you’ll be asked to turn your phone sideways and get ready to take a tour.

Turning your phone sideways, a panaromic view of whatever it is you have selected comes up. Tilt your phone from side to side and the image moves left and right. Tilt up and you’ll get a look of the top of the image. You can view the scenes by using your finger or the gyroscope, letting your own personal orientation lead you around the scene. You can also gather info, links, share on Facebook or Twitter, “love,” or go to the next tour. From the best beaches in Sri Lanka to living rooms in Scottsdale, from cars in Japan to a photographer in New York City, there’s more than you can ever actually tour on TourWrist.

Now, the panos thing we were talking about: You can create your own tours once you create an account and sign in. You’re also going to need to sign in if you choose to share or love a panos as well, and this is where you’ll spend the most time. You’ll start taking photos of your bathroom just to post a tour. Trust us, it’s tons of fun.

TourWrist contains visual information galore, it unfolds before your eyes as it would if you were standing there, and you can create the setups yourself. Granted, it’s happening through your cell-phone screen, but there’s nothing else out there even close to this. Plus, it’s free.

Reviewed: Apr 16, 2012 |

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