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Forget brochures and endless highway-hunting for campgrounds or nature signs. With TrailBehind, it’s easy to find hiking, biking, camping or rock-climbing activities near you (no matter your location).

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No need to plan a camping adventure in advance—now you can take all outdoor activity ideas with you thanks to TrailBehind. This camping app uses GPS tracking (or it can search any location in the country) to find the nearest hiking, biking, rock-climbing and camping accommodations for your next outing.

Whether you’re looking for hiking locations only, or your natural instincts draw you to a range of outdoor activities, you can set search preferences with the activity filter. Choose one or all of the outdoor activities that pique your interest. This is a great tool to please everyone on your next camping trip. Finally, you can find an activity or set of outings that will please all adventure levels in the group. If you are taking a solo trip, narrow your search to your personal nature needs.

After location and activities have been selected, it’s time to browse the list of results generated by TrailBehind. Icons indicate the specific type of activity for each entry along with location or company name, distance in miles, and a short description of what you might find. Tap an entry that interests you, and a details page displays options such as a map, directions, sharing features, website link, and longitude and latitude coordinates. The map plots your current location and your selected destination on a map, allowing for easy exploration of other nearby venues (without getting lost in the woods). Directions include a familiar Google Maps page indicating the best route to a selected activity (either by walking, car or public transport).

The only glitch we found was when selecting to view directions. Once brought to the Google Map, there is no way to return to the original outdoor activity listing. We had to close the app completely and go back to our search results list in TrailBehind if we wanted to continue exploring the other information for that particular activity or select a new activity from the list. Nevertheless, the information was accurate and complete. If you are an avid camper or just looking for a weekend nature retreat, download this app to ensure you’ll find quality activities near you.

Reviewed: Oct 26, 2011 |