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Even though this app for Android didn’t work for us, give it a shot and download the free app to locate Christmas tree lots in your town.

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Some things are just too good to be true. Like this app: My Tree Lot Finder. After reading numerous positive reviews of this Christmas tree locator app for Android, we’re sad to report that we didn’t experience any of the bells and whistles this free app boasts.

This Christmas tree app for Android claims to find live trees for sale close to your GPS location. So, instead of driving around in your station wagon reenacting the Griswolds from Christmas Vacation, you can easily and quickly search your surrounding area by map or zip code for the closest Christmas tree lots.

What’s the problem? The Christmas app didn’t find any locations for us! Not even up to 100 miles away from our location (which is the furthest distance you can search by zip code). We know closer Christmas tree lots exist! Our theory: This Android app stores tree lot locations for only select areas of the country. For example, My Tree Lot Finder produced various search results for tree lots around Los Angeles, California, but virtually none for various cities in North Carolina and New York.

The app does encourage users to submit their local Christmas tree lots (the app includes a tool that lets you email the app developer, Lot Finder), but let’s face it: this app simply isn’t useful if you have to provide the information you’re seeking. And who knows how long it would take for Lot Finder to include our locations. Maybe by next year the databases of pick your own Christmas tree locations will be broader.

If, by a holiday miracle, the app finds a live tree lot within a reasonable distance of you, it also provides the tree lot name, its address, phone number and driving directions. Also somewhat useful: My Tree Lot Finder features a section called Tree Care. This consists of helpful tips relating to live Christmas tree maintenance (instructions for cutting the base of your tree before putting it in water, tips for where to safely place your live tree at home, etc.). But the Tree Care text only displays as a pop-up with paragraph after paragraph of text. No handy headings to break up the sentences for easier reading.

While this app didn’t seem to bring any holiday cheer to The Recapp, maybe your location is better established in the Christmas tree lot database. As a free app, it’s worth downloading and giving a try to see if it works for you. Or you can stick to finding a live tree the old-fashioned way: by station wagon.

Reviewed: Dec 01, 2011 |