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Trimble Outdoors Navigator

By Trimble Navigation Limited


Trimble Outdoors brings smartphone users a revolutionary navigation app. Whether you’re tracking your route during a backpacking trip or you’re stuck on a mountain in a whiteout, this GPS app offers maps, compass directions, and more to help you find your way outdoors. With an app to keep you from getting lost, you can travel anywhere. Trail mix not included.

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Trimble Outdoors Navigator is one of those apps that just does a lot. So much so that a single app review won’t even cover all of its tricks, tools and features. But bare with us here. This GPS navigation and map app is sweet, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

The app is intended for outdoor enthusiasts—hikers, skiers, bikers, paddlers, general explorers, etc. Whether there’s cell phone reception or not, the app’s built-in GPS technology works anywhere (the GPS function of your phone connects to satellites rather than cell phone towers), displaying your current location, your route, compass navigation and more, all with access to its 68,000-plus maps for U.S. and Canada. How’s that for a travel companion?

If you got carried away with the breathtaking scenery during a day hike, don’t panic when you suddenly realize you’re off your intended path. The navigation app will pinpoint your location (choose from five different types of maps including topography and street view), plus it’ll help you navigate your way back to your route or an end location. If you know you’re going to some remote destination without coverage, you can download maps before your voyage for easy access. This navigation app makes outdoor excursions virtually limitless.

A major feature of the Trimble Outdoors Navigator app involves tracking routes and trips. Create a new trip by entering a name for the trip and its activity type (from hiking and road biking to mountaineering and boating). Then the app prompts you to create a Mark One geo-tagged photo, waypoint, audio message, or video to capture the scene of where you began your journey (latitude and longitude points included) and points along the way. So, during your trip, you can view or navigate to the places you visited earlier on the route, along with your memories and notes of the areas.

Whenever you’re on map view, you can jump to the navigation app’s different features and tools. The Stats section measures your speed, nearest distance point on your route, elevation and more. The My Trips tab houses all saved trips, including summaries, directions and any photos you took. Post trips to Facebook, or visit, where you can view tons of pics and posts from loyal Trimble Outdoors users.

Trimble Outdoors Navigator is free for a limited time.

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