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Whether you make one trip a year or travel weekly, you need TripIt to pull together your hotel, airline, car rental and other confirmation emails and deliver an itinerary you can see online or offline on any device.

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“Decrease the chaos and increase the peace” is one of the taglines of TripIt, and we’ve just found out first-hand what that means.

TripIt is an essential app for recreational or business travel. We’ve used it for both, and on international trips via air, road trips across the US and very recently a flying/driving combo adventure to the Grand Canyon. Life is much more organized with TripIt.

Here’s how TripIt works: Download the free app (Android, iOS, BlackBerry & Windows Phone), set up an account and forward your travel confirmation emails to If you have Gmail or Google apps, TripIt will automatically collect all hotel, airline, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails.

As it captures the confirmations, TripIt creates a detailed daily itinerary for each trip, which you can access at or in the app, on any device and even offline (if you’ve saved your details to your device). You can add or edit plans manually, too—for instance, adding a baseball game that you’ll be attending with friends or that business lunch you scheduled over the phone.

You can sync trip plans with iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar, and you can email your itineraries to friends and family. There are also options for sharing on social media.

Using the app while on the go is easy and a lot more intuitive. With its September update, TripIt’s iPhone app now displays the most relevant trip information right when you need it. So if you’re heading to the airport, the app will open up with your flight and gate details visible. If you’ve just landed, TripIt anticipates that you’ll want information on getting to your hotel or picking up your rental car.

Also on the redesign, TripIt made Google Maps its primary source for maps and directions, which can be accessed from inside the app.

One of our favorite benefits of using TripIt is the record it creates of your travels. You can look back through past itineraries, and any time you log into, you can see your overall stats—number of trips, length of trips, countries and cities visited, and miles traveled.

TripIt Pro is a $49/year version that adds some nifty services that would be useful to a frequent traveler: real-time flight alerts; alternate flight finder; seat alerts to get you out of that middle seat; a points tracker for frequent travel account information, balances and expirations; and more.

Our suggestion is to start with the free version of TripIt and then take the free 30-day trial upgrade to TripIt Pro when you have a big trip approaching. Test it out and see if it’s worth the annual fee for your travel style.

For now, the free version has decreased the chaos and increased the peace by organizing our plans into one accessible location that’s shareable.

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