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Find homes for sale, for rent or sold, as well as open houses with the Trulia real-estate app. While its mother lode of information is impressive, its sleek-looking interface and map filters are what make us love this app.

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Ever compared house hunting to window shopping? With the Trulia app, you can browse and shop for homes on sale and for rent, and you’ll get a lot more information than you bargained for.

Trulia offers a colossal amount of real-estate information so you can make the right home-buying decisions. And while other real-estate apps offer lots of information too, the Trulia app also makes the home-buying experience blissful with an organized, sleek-looking layout (minus the headache that comes with the price tags).

On the app’s simple homepage, you can choose to browse For Sale, For Rent, Reduced, Sold and Open House listings. All of these results appear as a list or on a map. (Trulia only supplies two map views: Aerial and Road.)

You can quickly tailor listings on maps closest to you by clicking the compass icon, zoom in and out on maps, and customize your search. Click the magnifying glass to alter location, price range, and room size and square footage. (Edit all of these settings by simply moving your finger on a scroll bar.)

Some nice touches: You can view any recent price reductions and open-house dates and times in the previews that appear on maps and lists.

Click on a property, and up pops basic info, including a photo of the home, its address, price, any recent price reductions and size. You get the mother lode of information when you click on that preview screen, though.

See all sizing and pricing details, a paragraph of you-know-you-want-it description, price history, plus public record and tax information. Large photos are displayed in their own Photos tab, and the Map tab supplies views of the property’s neighborhood.

The Map section also allows you to experiment with some helpful filters. Check out which restaurants and grocery stores are in the neighborhood, for instance, thanks to Trulia’s partnership with Yelp.

After you know the property like a realtor, you can contact one. Trulia gives you the realtor’s name, company, phone number and a space to compose an email directly to the person. (Trulia supplies a default message for you, which you can edit if desired.) A simple tapping of Send and you’ll be contacted about the home of your dreams.

For serious house hunters, we recommend setting up a Trulia account within the app, then starring homes of interest in order to get price-drop alerts and open houses in your area.

Reviewed: Sep 04, 2012 |

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