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In a time when Twitter continues to improve and add to its own social platform, TweerCaster manages to provide features that prove compelling for new and veteran tweeters alike.

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The most common complaint amongst tweeters—and arguably the biggest hurdle for new users—is that Twitter can be overwhelming. Even if you’re only following a few people, you always get the feeling that there’s just so much stuff. Finding the stuff you want and then managing your ever-growing feed can be overwhelming if you’re not using an organized Twitter client. That, our friends, is where TweetCaster comes in, developed by OneLouder, the social-app development arm of Handmark, Inc.

TweetCaster, a third-party Twitter-management app, makes the powerful social network into something more approachable. Accounts you follow can be easily organized into different lists. Watching the game? Flip over to your list of sports fans and journalists. At a special event? Make a list of fellow attendees. Twitter has its own list-making feature, but TweetCaster’s is much more user-friendly. The list-management button is right there on your feed, and lists can be created, modified and added to from the list menu itself. In Twitter’s app, you have to get to a user’s profile page in order to add them to a pre-existing list, which can mean a lot of time-consuming back and forth.

Another improvement over an existing Twitter feature is the search functionality, perhaps the most maligned aspect of Twitter. Finding who or what you want can often feel impossible. Somehow TweetCaster’s search algorithm has figured out how to be much more effective, in addition to offering more refined search parameters, such as the ability to search an individual user’s tweets.

One of our favorite features of TweetCaster is its InstaPaper and Read it Later app integration. On the run? Don’t feel like reading an article on your phone? You can save links to read later. Once you’ve amassed enough follows, this is invaluable. Without it, you’d have to click links from tweets right away or risk losing them forever underneath an ever-growing mountain of tweets.

The icing on the Fail Whale cake is a handy filter function called Zip It, which can temporarily hide users from your feed without blocking or unfollowing them (just in case your best friend starts live tweeting Labyrinth again), or remove loathsome trending topics from your feed altogether. You can unzip these people, trends and keywords and view them at another time, if you’d like.

Similarly, when you look at a tweeter’s profile, you can turn off @replies. Instead of seeing every reply they’ve sent, you’ll only see what they’ve actually tweeted to the world. It’s a much more digestible way to look at profiles.

To top it all off, the app can also post your updates to your Facebook account simultaneously. And the most recent update: You can now schedule tweets in advance, similar to the likes of HootSuite. Some argue that TweetCaster isn’t as pretty as the Twitter app, but its desirable features make it the best third-party alternative available.

Reviewed: Mar 05, 2012 |

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