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TweetDeck from Twitter isn’t the strongest Twitter client we’ve tested, but we do enjoy the ability to schedule tweets for future times. Another feature that makes this free app worth trying is its organization of notifications.

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TweetDeck is Twitter’s own cross-platform social-media control station. The premise here is to allow users to add all of their social-media accounts (from Twitter and Facebook) and control them from a single app.

That simple premise means that TweetDeck has some things going for it. Have multiple Twitter accounts? Manage Facebook fan pages in addition to your profile? No problem. TweetDeck is also optimized for your Android and iOS device, as well as your desktop. 

The app’s notifications are controlled with a simple one-touch panel similar to the Android control bar. Notifications, sound and vibration are all simple on-off buttons. You can also set different “columns,” which is how TweetDeck organizes your different feeds. 

What’s nice here is that these columns, accessed by swiping left or right, don’t have to be social news feeds. They can be notifications from Twitter or messages from Facebook. For some reason, though, you can toggle updates from Facebook on and off, but not Twitter. Huh?

The thing we like the most about TweetDeck is the ability to schedule posts. Write it now, set a date and time, and the post will show up as scheduled, with or without TweetDeck up and running. It’s especially helpful for overcoming time zone differences and operating promotional Twitter handles.

Other than that, though, the app offers little in the way of customization, which—with its metal grays and boring color palette—it desperately needs.

Another weak feature: Although updates can be set to a timer with a simple slide bar (say, have it update every 15 minutes, or every five or three), the feature is essentially a throw-away. Why wouldn’t you want your social feeds to contain the most updated posts? Even if you set the app to push information, the updates are sometimes slow and unreliable, missing tweets and posts. 

TweetDeck offers base-level functionality for your “one stop shop” social-media apps, but there are better (and better working) apps available.

Reviewed: May 29, 2012 |

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