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Create your own personalized Twitter feed with all your favorite features and more with UberSocial.

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The app lives up to its name by providing tons of features that let you choose how you want to socialize through Twitter. For starters, you can keep up with your best friends and family members by creating an Inner Circle group, and create a “favorite users” list so you don’t have to search for their tweets in your timeline. If you’re tired of hearing about certain topics (like that Bieber fever that’s going around), you can “mute” hashtags or users to hide them from your Twitter feed for as long as you want.

Like any solid Twitter client, UberSocial lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts through the app. What’s cool here, though, is that you can choose from the best services to upload photos and videos, shorten links, and send tweets over 140 characters with Hooray! We no longer have to use broken English, abbreviations and incomplete sentences. The LivePreview feature is also handy—it lets you view any media (websites, videos, photos, etc.) right within your timeline. For a little extra something, UberSocial even lets you choose from different themes to prettify the app’s background display.

Lastly, whereas Twitter clients like Seesmic have discontinued their compatibility with BlackBerry, UberSocial has RIM users covered. And Android users, Kindle Fire users and iOS users. Android users should also note that the older Twidroyd Twitter client has become UberSocial (both are spawns of the developer UberMedia).

If your cluttered Twitter feed is driving you crazy, give UberSocial a whirl.

Reviewed: Dec 18, 2012 |

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