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Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference

By National Geographic Society


Children will learn about dinosaurs from a vibrantly colored app that divides up the creatures by carnivores and herbivores, telling vivid stories of their lives, complete with computer-generated videos.

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For the miniature paleontologist, there’s National Geographic’s Ultimate Dinopedia, a dinosaur reference guide which not only gives vibrantly colored images and video, but also a detailed overview of the dinosaur, fun facts and statistics.

Kids can explore dinosaurs by meat eaters and plant eaters, and they can see how each dinosaur stacks up against a human. They’ll, above all, learn interesting information about the species. The 46-foot long Mapusaurus, for example, hunted in packs, and the much tinier, four-foot long, plant-eating Scutellosaurus had tiny armor the size of bottle caps along its skin.

Ultimate Dinopedia has rich and engaging imagery that kids are sure to love. They’ll see dinosaurs surrounded by their natural environment and by dinosaurs of the similar Jurassic, Cretaceous or Triassic periods.

While the encyclopedic information in this app is good, it also provides information on the latest dinosaur discoveries’ takes on myths and discusses breeding and offspring. It also adds more information on dinosaur habitats, migration, how fossils are created and ancient geology.

Along with this information is a sizeable part of the app called “Dinos A to Z,” which lists every dinosaur known to man. It also includes a glossary for defining some of the words used throughout the book.

The app reads like an e-book and is easy to maneuver, with quick flicks to each screen with a handy widget to go back to the table of contents or other parts of the app. This app is definitely for an adventurous kid who likes to read and enjoys some super-cool dinosaur pictures.

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