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Unblock Me

By Kiragames Co., Ltd.


There are so many different puzzles in this game that we doubt you’ll ever finish them all. Unblock Me is a basic puzzle game, but it’s worth a download.

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You won’t find many puzzle games as simple as Unblock Me—in its concept, instructions and graphics. But what it lacks in pizzazz, it more than makes up for in getting your mind running at full speed.

Unblock Me is basic: Free a red block from a maze of other blocks by moving them horizontally or vertically. There are thousands of puzzles to pick from in a range of difficulty levels. You can compete in challenge mode that awards stars based on your number of moves, or you can play in relax mode where you are free to take your time without penalty (we definitely recommend the latter).

The app keeps track of which puzzles you have completed, which makes it easy to find where you left off on any level. And if there is a puzzle that is driving you crazy, there are hints available (although limited in amount).

The puzzles do start to all look the same after awhile (how creative can you get with a box filled with rectangles?), but what really keeps us addicted is the belief that the winning move is just one swipe away. Unblock Me is also great for kids in a wide age range, as it requires little instruction and is free from violence and other potentially bad influences.

Reviewed: Jan 23, 2012 |

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