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US Map Facts Lite

By Tyler Design LLC


Want to know more about the state you’re driving through? Brush up on the signees of the Declaration of Independence? Open the US Map Facts app and offer a salute to the red, white and blue on your cross-country adventure.

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Some apps are just for adults, and some are just for kids. This is not one of those apps. For young and old, citizen or tourist, this app runs the gamut. And as a teaching tool, US Map Facts Lite is second to none, just like this great country of ours. It’s well laid out, self-explanatory and loaded with American history facts.

Say you’re taking a road trip and you cross the border into Alabama. It won’t be long now until the questions start. What does “Alabama” mean? When did it enter the union? What’s the state flower?

US Map Facts Lite has all the answers and then some. (The premium version for 99 cents has even more facts, but we think it’s a good idea to start brushing up on your state knowledge with the free version first.) With this educational app, you can absorb state facts as you take in the local sights. Find out which famous people came from that town you just drove through. Check out the flag and uncover its meaning. It’s all there in the app.

And now that you’re all nostalgiac, click back to the main page and explore the Declaration of Independence section. Read aloud as you refresh your memory and see the signees from each state.

In the Signees section, learn more about each one of the individuals. Remember Elbridge Gerry? How about Richard Stockton? Or William Floyd? In this section, you can find out their political stances and where and how long each of these founding fathers lived.

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