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The Ustream app makes video watching a two-way street by incorporating a live self-broadcasting feature. This app is for true video lovers.

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Ustream is a YouTube-like service that emphasizes broadcasting and user interactivity above all else. It also challenges every convention your brain may have associated with the term broadcasting—with an account and a camera, you can broadcast yourself from anywhere, at any time. Congratulations! You are your own television station.

Of course, for most people, watching will be more important than broadcasting. But the mere fact that everything about Ustream is a two-way street, as opposed to content merely coming at you à la Hulu, Netflix or even YouTube, is what differentiates this video app from the rest.

The emphasis on broadcasting also means that most of Ustream is a live affair, not pre-planned video. The upshot is that the live self-broadcasting feature fosters user interactions and new social relationships. The downside, at least in our experience, is that the end result is a lot of noise. Everyone can broadcast, and so everyone does. Sure, no one is telling you what you have to watch, but, then again, there’s no one telling you what to watch. You may even start to miss TV Guide.

With the Ustream app, you can stream video on the go, sure, but the real magic is the Go Live button, which turns your phone into a portal from you to your viewers, without all the pomp of setting up in front of your laptop (how archaic).

If you find a place in the endless buffet that is the Ustream universe, you’ll likely dig the app. But if you prefer to keep your face off the proverbial airwaves and your content vetted by industry professionals, Ustream is likely to overwhelm.

Reviewed: Feb 13, 2012 |

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