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Verizon Mobile Security

By Verizon Wireless


From Verizon Wireless comes Verizon Mobile Security, the network’s free Android app for device security and maintenance.

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The first thing that the Verizon Mobile Security app will do is run a scan for viruses and malware on your Android. (We suggest you hop on Wi-Fi in order for this step to run quickly.) VMS uses an antivirus service powered by security namesakes McAfee and Asurion, so you know you’re getting quality protection.

Once your scan is complete and the app finds no "threats" in your media, files or apps, the app prompts you to select OK. If you see a big green check mark, your device is secure and you can move on. If not, then it’s time to clean, delete or reboot.

From this page, you can scan for viruses and malware (again), get recent activity or set an app alert. It also gives you some information as far as the most recent scan, the number of files scanned and when the next scheduled scan will be (the app takes this upon itself once installed).

The App Alert feature lets you know which apps affect your privacy and security. In order to use App Alert, you have to upgrade to the premium service, which rings in at a decent $1.99 a month.

The Locate feature is also part of the premium package. Whether your phone is lost or stolen, this feature will let you remotely find, lock, alarm or wipe (to a certain extent) your device from within your VMS account on your computer. We think the $1.99 price tag is worth all of these security tools.

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