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VEVO compares to MTV’s Total Request Live show in its glory days. But instead of being fed music videos, you can choose what you want to watch, anytime and anywhere.

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Remember the glory days of MTV? The afternoon was prime Total Request Live (TRL) time, where MTV VJs introduced the hottest music videos. You’d even get behind-the-scenes coverage of Britney Spears, for instance, learning to dance with a mammoth snake during the making of her “I’m a Slave 4 U” video. You listened, but more importantly, you watched your favorite artists perform.

After Carson Daily and co. settled down, we lost our cool source for music videos. Sure, there was YouTube, but that took a couple of clicks in order to find your band’s “official” video. And the quality was subpar at best.

Today, we’re lucky to have VEVO, the modern-day music-video hub. VEVO’s desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad and Xbox apps offer on-demand music-video streaming, meaning you choose what you want to listen to and watch whenever you want.

When you launch the VEVO app, the featured videos (including Premiers, VEVO-exclusives and Featured videos) rotate at the top of the page. The Videos, Artists, Originals and Music Maps sections are found below that. All of these areas are highlighted by stunning photos of artists.

Tap a video in a featured section, and you’ll get to a page that features a link to the video, plus related videos below. Once you begin to play a video, a 15-second or so ad will play before streaming (which encompasses your whole screen).

Perhaps the only annoying thing is that you can’t navigate away from or close out of the pre-video ads if you want to. However after you’ve seen one advertisement, you’ll be able to watch three or four continuous videos thereafter until you get another ad. Some VEVO videos will require a bit of buffering time, but VEVO continues to entertain during that time with fun “Did You Know?” factoids.

You can share videos, add them to your personal playlists, pause, access the artist’s biography and easily forward to the next related video.

The My Matches section, when enabled, scans your music library on your phone, then offers up videos from those artists.

Sharing is also a main aspect of the VEVO service. We mentioned how you can share any VEVO music videos via your social networks. You can also connect VEVO with your Facebook account, then see the VEVO playlists your friends made. If a friend isn’t indulging in VEVO yet, you can invite them.

One more cool thing: Tap Music Maps and discover the music videos that people around you are checking out. VEVO only displays the video and artist name, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being shared. 

Reviewed: Nov 09, 2012 |

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