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The pitch for Via.Me is simple: It’s the best way to share your story in pictures, video and sound. While Via.Me has many similarities to other popular social apps, we think this app by RadiumOne Labs has massive potential to be on everyone’s smartphone because it aims to be your hub for all things social. One post is all you need to share across multiple social platforms.

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Via.Me is a cross between Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Springpad. And while you may think that means Via.Me is merely a copycat of apps, it’s the integration of the popular social features that makes Via.Me have so much potential.

Via.Me offers the ability to upload photos, video, text and audio clips to one location (the mobile app or its desktop component), which you can then share on multiple social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Via.Me is integrating with more platforms in the near future, such as Tumblr, LinkedIn and SoundCloud, and according to Via.Me’s Director of Products, Fergus Hurley, the app will take advantage of Google+ and Pinterest’s API once they’re made available. 

After you upload, say, a photo to your Via.Me account, your post will appear within a Pinterest-like interface. You can comment on posts, like and repost any of them, and see how many people viewed your post.

As mentioned, you can upload photos, videos and audio (similar to Springpad), and you can also use the Explore feature to browse trending posts, even if you’re not following a particular Via.Me user. But unlike Springpad, which categorizes your content into albums, Via.Me aims to compile one stream of your whole life. 

With anything you upload onto Via.Me, you can choose to share it on Facebook and Twitter, thanks to a simple toggle feature. Via.Me has a subscribe feature, similar to Facebook, where you can follow real-time updates of celebrities and other bigwigs. You also have an activity stream and a news feed, as expected. 

The Instagram parallel comes when you upload photos. Snap a shot or choose one from your camera roll, and you can apply one of the 15 photo filters, each named after a notable city (we like Berlin, New York and Madrid best). You can even upload all of your Instagram photos through Via.Me. Just sign in with your Instagram account through Via.Me’s desktop version.

Via.Me developer RadiumOne Labs is currently working on integrating with third-party Twitter clients, including our favorite, TweetCaster by OneLouder. This type of integration will allow Twitter users to upload more types of media with even more services to choose from. Last but not least, an Android version is coming out (very) soon.

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