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Viddy’s slogan is “Capture Life in the Moment.” Not only can you do that with this free iPhone app, but you can also title it, tailor it and share it in just a few moments. Viddy is the best social-networking app focused around video editing.

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The logo of the Viddy app is a camera lens. It’s aimed directly at you and ready for anything. The mere sight of this iris can be intimidating and spur memories of 1984 or Big Brother. But once you’re past the logo, you’ll soon realize that this is one of the best social-networking apps for video editing. Viddy’s major focus is watching and sharing videos with the world.

Viddy will bowl you over with its ease of use and the social-networking options it serves up. Yes, you will have to create an account, so be prepared to enter your email address and think up a password.

Like all video-editing apps, Viddy gives you the option to shoot something on the spot or to select a video out of your device’s personal library. You will be limited to 15-second clips, so don’t be surprised if the app asks you to do some trimming. Viddy aims to create quick, easy-to-digest videos for its users.

Once your video clip is selected, you will be prompted to choose a thumbnail from the frames inside the video. This is the face of your 15-second film, so choose wisely. The image sells your movie, as this is what everyone will see when your video is posted.

Once you’ve selected your thumbnail and the face of your video, the fun really begins. Viddy allows you to choose from a number of different special effects that you can use to tailor your movie, thus creating tone, style and intrigue. Some examples include Van’s Warped Tour, Vintage, Crystal, Black & White, Hued, Exposed, Junk’d (our favorite) and Retro. It’s a very extensive and impressive array.

When it comes to selecting your score on Viddy, the options aren’t as great, as you’re limited to the Viddy library. Artists include Incubus, Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park and others. Not bad, but certainly not the best we’ve seen (mostly because we like to choose from the tracks we’ve saved to our devices).

So, we’re past the two drawbacks of Viddy: the music choices and video length. Now the app really shines—it’s time to share your videos with the world.

Viddy will first ask you to title your video, then enter a short description about the piece. You can post your video on the popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Tumblr (helpful for when your blog post warrants a video). Viddy is the only app we’ve tested that allows you to tailor which users you want to share your video with.

Select to upload, and boom—your movie is on display for the world (or a select few from it) to see. You can save your video to your own library as well. 

Reviewed: Aug 21, 2012 |

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