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Videolicious is a super easy-to-use video app for iPhone. While its step-by-step navigation and quirky interface won us over, we should warn serious videographers that this app only produces videos up to 30 seconds long. But for everyone else who’s simply looking to captivate a memory in an engaging way, this free video app is for you.

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Talk about simple. Videolicious, the iPhone video-editing app for people of all ages, is quite possibly one of the simplest, most straightforward apps of any kind we’ve ever come across at The Recapp.

Initially, you’ll be struck by the Jetsons-esque, 1960s space-agey font that is both familiar and inviting. Rarely do apps (especially ones that are focused on digital media and electronic transmission) create a real sense of warmth. Videolicious does just that, which is important because you’re going to get right to it with this app.

A simple, numerical step-by-step instructional follows.

Step One allows you to choose shots from your device’s picture or video cache (like all other video-editing apps). A nice design extra: Your pictures are numbered on the top left-hand corner so you know the order they’ll appear in your movie.

Step Two asks you to film yourself talking about the videos and photos in your movie. Easy enough, but if you don’t want a personal narrative, you can skip this step.

Step Three will give you the option of setting your movie length, ranging from six to 30 seconds. This is the biggest hindrance of the app, as you might not be able to convey every image or video you want in 30 seconds. The major takeaway? If you’re looking to make longer movies, Videolicious isn’t for you.

Step Four is your music-selection step. Videolicious offers a varying set of choices (from "Cool Piano" to Retro Groove") or you can choose from the tunes stored on your device.

Videolicious will preview your movie and allow you to go back and make changes should you want. And that’s it: a made-to-order, Videolicious movie of your making, ready to show your family and friends or share with the world.

One more drawback: Videolicious isn’t as advanced when it comes to the little extras that give your movie its personal touches, like bordering and transitions. But what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in ease of use and design. Overall, Videolicious is a dessert we’d try again and again.

Reviewed: Aug 21, 2012 |

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