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As if you needed a reason to plop on the couch, now you can earn rewards while watching your favorite TV shows—with Viggle.

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The concept of Viggle is similar to foursquare where you check in to places you visit, like your favorite restaurant or store, all the while earning freebies and discounts for your loyalty. However, it's also reminiscent of GetGlue because with Viggle, you don’t have to leave your favorite spot on the couch to get rewards. Viggle’s twist is that it’s a loyalty program for the avid TV watcher. Just check in to TV shows you watch, and you earn valuable perks. (As if watching Jersey Shore wasn’t a reward in itself.)

Viggle’s check-in process works similar to Shazam’s song tagging. Once you turn on your TV, you launch the app and tap the check-in button in the center of the screen. Viggle will listen to your TV and sample the audio to determine what you’re watching. Confirm that the TV show it finds is the right one, and the app adds points to your profile. It’s that simple.

So what kinds of rewards are we talking? No matter what you enjoy, you’re sure to find something. Eight thousand points, for example, can get you a movie ticket worth up to $13. If movies aren’t your thing, you can redeem your points for gift cards from Hulu Plus instead, as well as from stores like Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Burger King, the Gap, and more. The Good Samaritans among us can even use points to donate to charities such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Covenant House. And if you watch (a lot) more TV than the average bear, you might save your points until you reach 175,000, whereupon Viggle will send you an Amazon Kindle e-book reader (which is kind of ironic, when you think about it).

Viggle offers bonus points for certain shows, if you want to earn those rewards faster than you can watch TV. Many of those shows can be found under the What’s On tab. Check in to a bonus show, like The Voice, and you earn double points. You can also earn extra points by playing games and watching commercials within the app, by inviting a friend, or by sharing your check-ins on Facebook or Twitter.

In less than a month, from January 25 to February 17, Viggle was downloaded over 150,000 times. Given Viggle’s acquisition of tech company Loyalize earlier this year, it is sure to be downloaded a lot more. This acquisition has allowed brands and shows to engage with live TV audiences on their phones, specifically during the Grammys of 2012, where viewers participated in real-time polls and voting. This so-called “second screen” experience is also seen in apps such as Watch with eBay. (Check out The Recapp’s interview with Marc Hosein, Director of Platform Business Solutions at eBay, from SXSW.)

Viggle is sure to change the way we watch TV, and for now, it’s free. Just turn on your TV, open the app, check in and earn your rewards.

Reviewed: Apr 04, 2012 |

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