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Vlingo Virtual Assistant

By Vlingo Corp.


Vlingo isn't perfect, but it is a useful app when you're on the road and simply must communicate.

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Texting and driving is legal if you can do it hands-free. Vlingo makes that possible, up to a point.

Like your very own personal assistant, Vlingo allows you to compose text messages and emails, update your Twitter and Facebook status, conduct Google searches and even make phone calls — all using voice command. When you think about it, the possibilities are pretty endless: Search for nearby restaurants, text your mother, tweet about the NPR story you just heard or email your boss.

Meant for easy traveling, Vlingo unfortunately has a few flaws that make use on the go a bit more difficult than one would hope. For instance, the app doesn’t support Bluetooth voice dialing, which means you have to play around with your phone, going between written and spoken communications. The app also isn’t perfect when it comes to actual transcribing. It recognizes sounds, but it doesn’t have an “understanding” of the English language when it comes to spelling or grammar. It is a machine, after all. Vlingo also doesn’t sense intonation, so it doesn’t know when you’re asking a question.

All in all, Vlingo isn’t perfect and could use a little work, but it is very useful when you’re on the road.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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