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Walking Dead: The Game

By Telltale Inc.


Walking Dead: The Game is a role-playing game app that sets you smack dab in the middle of a world infested with zombies, faithfully adapted from the smash-hit TV show.

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We truly are in the golden age of TV. Each week, a viewer can tune in to a show with incredible production values, seamless special effects and bigger-than-life stories. And now, you can insert yourself into the middle of those fantastical scenes with mobile apps. Case in point: Walking Dead: The Game, based off, of course, AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show.

The app features five seasons of The Walking Dead gameplay, and even though these seasons run you 5 bucks a pop, credible gamers such as Digital Trends have rated the Walking Dead app a 10 out of 10 on their rigorous rating scale. Yeah, it’s legit.

As the app advises, make sure you have your headphones when you begin the game. The gameplay is easier and much more engaging if you listen to the sound effects (think creepy zombie panting and moaning). The Walking Dead is compatible for newer versions of iPhone and iPad. We think it’s best on the bigger screen.

Your character is Lee. You may or may not be guilty of killing your wife. You’re being transported by a local officer for detainment outside of Atlanta. As he questions you, the game gives you several options. You can answer in a variety of ways, ignore him, scan and study your surroundings or all of the above. As the ride progresses, things outside of the police cruiser start to fall apart.

Soon enough, that external chaos literally collides with your world, and this is where the action really begins. Zombies begin to close in as you come to. This is where the game takes it to the next level. Walking Dead: The Game engages your character both physically and verbally. You’re forced to make decisions quickly, even though you’re sometimes met with difficult choices.

If you play successfully, you’ll be leading a whole cadre of people, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and prove your innocence, if you are indeed innocent. Also, just like the TV show, the production value and story-telling are truly outstanding.

HINT/SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead will reward you if you play nice and hear people out; otherwise you will reap what you sow in this game.

So sit down, strap on the headphones and make sure your iPad is charged, or your iPad will end up dead with this addictive game ... Let’s hope you don’t.

Reviewed: Jan 30, 2013 |

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