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Water Your Body

By NorthPark


Too much caffeine and not enough water can make your body dehydrated. Water Your Body is a water-monitoring Android app that helps you track your H2O consumption, then correlates your most hydrated days to your best-feeling days.

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When you hit that mid-afternoon wall, you may reach for another cup of coffee or another caffeinated beverage. But believe it or not, these beverages can make you more tired: Even a black cup of coffee, which will provide a temporary boost, is a diuretic, which will dehydrate you and slow you down. Soft drinks and sugary caffeinated concoctions are even worse, as the sugar speeds up the process.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, you’re probably shaking your head in defense of your favorite drinks. But dehydration is an all-too-common affliction amongst Americans. This doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite potation, but it does mean you need to drink more water.

And what better way to get on the right track than having an app on your phone to nag you? Water Your Body is the prettiest and most highly functioning Android water-monitoring app. It allows you to keep track of target water consumption and monitor how much you’ve had so far. Over time, it can plot your improvement (or erratic hydration). Eventually, the purpose of the app is to see a correlation among your best days with your most hydrated days.

Water Your Body also allows you to set water alarms, making sure you don’t go too long without adequate consumption. Inputting your water data is fast and easy, with a number of preset and customizable beverage sizes in the form of recognizable icons (like a standard 16-ounce glass or 24-ounce bottle, for example).

Ultimately, drinking enough water is still up to you, but Water Your Body helps make a game of it. Stay hydrated, our friends.

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