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Waze GPS & Traffic

By Waze Inc.


Fire up your Waze app to fight traffic, avoid road hazards and dodge police with this social driving app for commuters or road warriors. Not only does this free app act as a voice-guided GPS navigation app, you can chitchat with other drivers and report traffic problems on real-time maps for your local commuting community (on your hands-free device, of course).

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Social has now come to your daily commute! Waze is a free traffic and navigation app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Not only does it act as a common GPS routing app with any directions you need, it also allows you to become part of the local driving community in your area. By joining forces with other drives through its specialized social network, you can outsmart traffic, save time and improve everyone’s daily commute.

Before turning the key in your car’s ignition, log in to Waze with your free account so you can contribute live traffic information and road reports. Notify other drivers in your community of approaching police traps, speed cameras, heavy traffic and other road hazards. The more reports you submit, the higher your Waze ranking. Or you can earn extra points by nabbing “road candy” sprinkled across your commute as you drive.

The Waze app and social network allows you to see other Waze drivers nearby as you make your way down roads. Tap the icon of a Wazer near you to see his or her stat information, such as miles driven, and if they accept the “Chit chat” feature. Ping a chitchat user to exchange direct instant messages or thank them for any traffic flags that may have helped during your commute.

Enjoy free traffic bypassing navigation when you follow turn-by-turn voice-guided directions. The maps and real-time monitoring of other Waze drivers ensure automatic rerouting when road conditions change. You can even create or join local driving groups to find other drivers for carpooling or traffic strategies. Connect your Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter accounts to report your Waze stats online or check in at your final destination.

This app is not only useful but adds a fun twist to the drudgery that can be traffic and driving conditions. The only issues we found with the app were some inaccuracies in GPS directions and slow submission of pings to Waze “Chit chat” users. However, anytime a Wazer notices an error in navigation, a flag is posted to notify other drivers and the Waze app development team. The app developers take note and fix problems, usually within 24 hours. 

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