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WeatherBug offers more than just temperatures and forecasts. There's also wind direction, precipitation, pollen count, humidity and, yes, more.

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We never knew there was such a difference in weather apps until we looked at WeatherBug. Previously, the News and Weather app that came with our Android phone seemed just fine, offering up the temperature and a six-day forecast along with a little avatar showing us a sun, cloud or raindrops. The WeatherBug app gives you that and much more.

WeatherBug gives you a page of the day's highs and lows, a quick daily forecast and information for the upcoming week. But the biggest difference is in the details, with WeatherBug giving wind direction and speeds, precipitation, pollen count, Doppler radar, humidity and even times for the day's sunrise and sunset. Anything you would like to know can be found by tapping its prominent icons, such as a daisy for pollen count and a thermometer for temperatures. If that isn't enough, WeatherBug also features daily weather video forecasts that follow weather patterns across the nation.

If knowing the weather is important to you, get WeatherBug.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |