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There's nothing like a clean, easy-to-use first screen to make us happy. That quality continues throughout the app, making WebMD Mobile a simple yet highly informative and useful tool.

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For diagnosing symptoms and providing easy-to-follow directions, this medical application is probably one of the best available for download. While the WebMD website may be filled with too many ads and other noisy content, this stripped-down app is much more user friendly.

The app starts by asking for your gender and age before attempting to diagnose (something most medical apps don’t do), and then lets you research conditions and treatments. The app also offers first-aid tips and helps locate local hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Too busy applying direct pressure to a wound to type in symptoms? WebMD also features voice search so you can keep your hands free if you’re already giving help to others. The app also helps identify pills and lists drug information and warnings.

While WebMD’s Top Searches section for first aid may seem to highlight the more sensational, such as treatments for victims of lightning strikes and carbon monoxide poisoning, it does give you a chance to look up more common conditions like animal bites or nosebleeds. Our only real gripe? Following the Symptom Checker to diagnose an eye twitch and being told that we had “alcohol intoxication.”

Reviewed: Jun 15, 2011 |

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