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Save money by finding the best deals at your favorite department stores using Weekly. Optimize your search based on location and shorten your shopping commute.

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Scrap the Sunday newspaper and get with the digital age. Weekly is a coupon app that lets you browse circulars from stores such as Macy’s, Sears, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, Sports Authority, PetSmart and more.

The user interface is extremely simple with just three tabs at the bottom: Sales, List and More. Use the Sales tab to find stores—Weekly uses GPS to locate stores near you and has partnerships with specialty and discount stores, so you get both proximity and variety. The List tab manages all the items on your wish list, and by “items,” we mean what’s on sale. Once you add stores to your list, their weekly circulars download so you can flip through the sales on your phone instead of clipping coupons.

Locate the nearest Best Buy, open its circular, tap that Toshiba flat-screen TV and Weekly will pull up the image of the item and all the item’s details. Save your wanted items to a list or pinch, zoom and take a screen shot of the image. You can even build a shopping list of sale items and have the cashier scan your phone at the store.

Having all your wanted items and their sale prices in your lists not only makes shopping easier; it confirms the right price if the store tells you otherwise. Weekly is a must-have app for bargain hunters and (former) coupon clippers. Shop savvy.

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