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Where’s My Perry?

By Disney


Where’s My Perry? offers the same addictive gameplay as its developer’s first hit app, Where’s My Water? In this Disney game app for smartphones and tablets, adults and kids alike will have no problem wasting some downtime as they help Agent P navigate through water-powered obstacles, keeping basic physics in mind. 

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Where’s My Perry? requires puzzle-solving skills, basic physics knowledge and a desire for lighthearted, child-friendly plots.

It’s the predecessor to the Where’s My Water? game app from Disney, and they both feature a similar premise: Navigate Perry the Platypus, or Agent P as he’s called in the game, to his headquarters so he can track down the evil villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

The challenge arises when Perry gets stuck in his vacuum-sealed transportation tubes. Your goal is to guide Perry through an obstacle of tubes by using water pressure. If dirt or ice is blocking the water, you’ve got to figure out how to open up pathways for the water so that it ultimately arrives at Perry’s chamber and propels him to the next scene.

Sometimes it will be easy to unblock the water for Perry. Just swipe a path through dirt, for example. Other times, though, you’ll need to make use of the “Heat-inator” or “Cool-inator” that Dr. Doofenshmirtz just happened to leave behind. These guys will zap ice into water and water into ice; steam into water and water into steam.

Along the way, you’ll be met with quirky features that add to the kid-friendly plot. Voice animations depict the headquarters summoning Agent P, and upbeat music plays in the background.

It takes a few tries to familiarize yourself with the gestures and tools within the app, but be assured that Disney aims to make its 80 puzzles and four chapters all doable.

This is a great game app for kids to play on the smartphone or tablet, and it even stimulates some critical thinking as you work your way through the obstacles and various states of water.

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Reviewed: Feb 22, 2013 |

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Where's My Perry? Where's My Perry? Where's My Perry? Where's My Perry? Where's My Perry?