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Where's My Water?

By Disney


Suitable for kids and adults, this adventure offers a good dose of fun and laughs while you try to help an underground alligator take a shower (which can be as difficult as it sounds). Where’s My Water? is a Disney app for everyone.

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4/5 Stars
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Take Cut the Rope, replace the hungry Om Nom and his beloved candy with Swampy the Alligator and water, and you get the puzzle game Where’s My Water?

This Disney app will keep kids of all ages—and you—laughing while also presenting a pretty good challenge. The goal is to get water to Swampy’s underground shower. There’s a lot of physics in this one, with dirt, traps, bombs, valves and other slimy characters stuck in your path along the way. Strategy is key: Often, you have to think through the entire screen and carve the water’s path before you let the first drop flow.

Broken down into chapters, the puzzle game has a ton of cool levels that advance the story. You can fill Swampy’s rubber duckies with water (which earns you bonus points) and find other shower items to unlock bonus levels along the way. The graphics and soundtrack are light and fun.

Other than often wishing that water would defy gravity and rise on its own, there isn’t much we would recommend changing in this Disney app. And in the mind of one 8-year-old reviewer, even losing the game can be fun: Watching a dry Swampy cry at having no water brings a good laugh.

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Reviewed: Jan 23, 2012 |

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