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Whirly Word

By Mighty Mighty Good Games


Whirly Word is a game app that presents six letters in a pie/wheel formation and tests you to complete a finite list of words—while being clocked and scored according to difficulty and time remaining.

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Whirly Word is the rare word game app that compels in all three key areas—it’s visually arresting, it’s appealing during game play and it’s mentally stimulating.

The home page menu offers up a variety of options. Here, you’ll be able to do anything from change the scheme color to turn sound effects on and off. In the Options category, you’re able to change from using common usage words from the dictionary to using the full dictionary. But if you need to be further challenged with this app’s word choice (this game is very challenging), then maybe you should play while somersaulting and composing new algebraic equations.

For the game play itself, all we have to say is “wow.”

At first, Whirly Word appears easy enough. Six letters. Lots of word slots. No problem. You’ll bang out some three- and four-letter words and you’re well on your way. But then…you get stuck. And all the while, the clock is ticking. You start grasping at straws and plugging an all sorts of wacky letter combinations, hoping they form words. Most of the time, they don’t. Game over, right? No…

You press “Whirl” and suddenly, the letters are reorganized in the wheel. This is the extra inspiration you need (we like how they don’t call it “help”) in order to find those remaining words. Whirl away as often as you like…It really “helps.”

You can also clear the board, pause it, or just go to the next game. But you won’t want to do any of those things. This game hooks you in and will not let you go.

It looks cool. It feels right. And it’s very challenging. Whirly Word ranks way up on our list of word game apps.

Reviewed: Jan 16, 2012 |

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