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wikiHow DIY Survival Kit

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The world’s popular how-to guide is fit to travel with you wherever you go. With more than 140,000 different how-to articles, wikiHow is a reference app that can solve many of your DIY project questions. Want to know how to knit a scarf or land an airplane? WikiHow aims to help you quickly.

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WikiHow is the most useful how-to manual, providing you with over 140,000 articles that answer almost any question you may encounter, such as how to replace a flat tire or how to create a miniskirt out of duct tape (we know you want one). WikiHow was originally available only on a desktop (it boasts over 35 million readers, according to wikiHow's website), but it has expanded its services with free apps for Android and iOS that are especially helpful if you are on the go.

To search the wikiHow app, you don’t need to type specific phrases or questions, just keywords. The articles include descriptive steps and corresponding photos and/or videos, along with extra tips, things you will need, warnings and related wikiHows. After completing each step, you can tap on a checkmark to track your progress and show you what you have left to do. You can also bookmark an article or send it via email.

We give major props to wikiHow for the app’s clean design and simple interface. Also, just like other wikis, it provides you with the original sources at the bottom of each article.The articles are thorough, giving you a better chance of completing your task with efficiency.

In the iOS app, you’ll also find a “Survival Kit” (the Android version lacks this). In the Survival Kit are articles categorized by real-life emergencies and situations, including self-defense, wilderness survival, home emergencies and first aid.

The apps lack some functionality that the wikiHow desktop version includes. On the desktop version, you can submit your own how-tos, answer requests and edit wikis. Additionally, you can create your own profile and take part in the engaging wikiHow community. The wikiHow app only contains the articles and search function, without these extra features.

One bonus feature: When reading an article on the app's iPhone version, you can shake your phone for another how-to article to magically appear.

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