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Word Spree: Thanksgiving

By Tangorang Labs LLC


Mad Libs lovers will enjoy choosing random words to fill in the Thanksgiving stories this word game has to offer.

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Whether you’re a fan of Mad Libs or you’re simply looking to get in the Thanksgiving spirit, Word Spree Thanksgiving Lite is a free and fun word game for your amusement. Simply choose random words to fill in the 15 different Thanksgiving stories.

This word game features five Thanksgiving Day-story categories, including Turkey Tales, Giving Thanks and Dinner Time. Within each of those story genres are three more specific stories—in the Traditions category, for example, choose from Black Friday, Turkey Bowl and Thanksgiving Parade. As you may expect, Word Spree then prompts you to choose words. Let your imagination loose when choosing adjectives, verbs, nouns, food items and more (they don’t have to be Thanksgiving-themed words). If you forget your grammar definitions from the days of Schoolhouse Rock, no worries—click on the question mark icon, and this game app will provide a definition of the grammatical term, plus examples of how it’s used in a sentence.

Say you’re at a loss for a witty word. Press the Randomize button, and the Thanksgiving app will produce random words for you. It’ll even fill in words throughout the whole story if you want, but what’s the fun of that?

When you’re done creating your (hopefully humorous) Thanksgiving-story masterpiece, post your story to Facebook or Twitter, or share it via email.

Reviewed: Nov 16, 2011 |