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Word to Word

By MochiBits


In a word (no pun intended), this word game is rad. rad a word? Well, Word to Word would know. Plus, it’ll also make you link the word to another in this word puzzle challenge.

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The design of Word to Word’s user interface is cool. The brown bag motif really works well in underselling the app, because inside, there is truly a pleasant surprise.

The home page consists of four keys (Instructions, Settings, MochiBits apps, Play) and a news tab. And get this: the game’s Instructions section is actually enjoyable to read. It’s visual, informative and you can click through as fast as you want.

Once you’re ready to play the game, choose a puzzle pack. The “Smile” puzzle pack is free, but the rest of the packs cost $0.99 to play. They hook you in with “Smile” (and the hook gets set deep), so once you finish the 40 games inside of that pack you’re ready to go for more. Although that’s gonna cost you, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

During gameplay, you can link the words in a variety of ways. They can share a definition, link colloquially, rhyme or be included in a set. Mismatches happen, causing a readjustment of the word pairs until they all match. When you finish, you move on to the next puzzle. And yes, you will move on to the next puzzle. It’s very addictive.

This app does have some drawbacks, we think. For one, there’s no ticking clock or timer. The game could use a little external pressure and/or the ability to time yourself. Also, you can’t go head-to-head with another user. Not yet, anyway.

As we said before, Word to Word is rad. It’s educational, it’s fun and it passes the time in a compelling way. So, if you’re in the market for a great, free word game app, Word to Word is solid.

Reviewed: Jan 16, 2012 |

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