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WordMix Free

By Tide River Farm Design


This ultra-simple, slightly boring word game offers initial entertainment value, but it doesn’t have a strong enough gaming backbone to support long-term interest.  

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The WordMix home page is a long-winded explanation of how to play the game, which is appreciated but isn’t entirely necessary. This game is not hard to figure out. 

When you play this word scramble game, you can opt to unscramble five-, six- or seven-letter words (the latter two have to be unlocked). Obviously, the larger the word, the harder the game is supposed to be. But in reality, the words are all pretty easy, as it seems the game is designed with wider user success in mind, rather than challenging the gamer to improve his or her language skills, or further, seriously engage in the game.

The app’s “Shake To Clear” feature is fun (though even that’s become a low-level game standard), but the rest of the game’s preferences are all bottom of the barrel. WordMix provides statistics, except they’re really not that interesting. The game keeps track of the following: Next Level, Perfect (no hints needed), With Hint, Gave Up, Perfect Streak, Longest Streak. Since these statistics simply mirror what a player can do, we don’t care much about them.

The actual gameplay isn’t slick or sexy, but it’s easy. That about covers the reasons to procure and play WordMix—using it is super simple and easy to launch. 

It’s an understatement to say there are a ton of word game apps out there on the marketplace. A great many of these apps are entertaining, educational, and engaging. WordMix is not one of them. The makers add further insult to (self-inflicted) injury by billing this app as “just like your newspaper Jumble.” When was the last time you played that? At least the app is free.

Reviewed: Jan 16, 2012 |

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