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WordPress is an impressive app for maintaining your blog on the go. Just make sure you’re not posting a novel-length blog post. This simply designed app is helpful for short posts, photo and video uploads.

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The WordPress app is a mobile extension of the illustrious and wildly popular blog network. But the app isn’t for viewing blogs; it’s for adding to and managing your own.

If there’s one thing WordPress is not, it’s simple. The unfortunate reality of creating a customized webpage means that all the headaches of coding, broken links and spam comments are officially yours. Even if you download or purchase a slick-looking theme, chances are you’ll spend as much time troubleshooting as you will actually writing posts. Such is the reality of website creation.

The WordPress app, however, offers some much-needed simplicity. The menu page is a simple cascade of big buttons, all clearly intended to allow you to post to your blog quickly and easily. Add a post, snap a photo or video, and see how many hits your latest e-manifesto is racking up. No messy interface or pesky third-party plug-ins here.

The app is nice if simple, quick posts are what you’re looking to do. We can see this particularly useful for travel blogging, for instance. However, it’s unlikely that you’re going to want to compose full posts on your phone (any more than you would want to use your phone to write term papers or TPS reports). The reality is that you’re still going to need to use WordPress on your computer to get things rolling and manage all the big stuff.

A blogroll feature (where you can subscribe and check in on your favorite blogs on the go) would have been nice, but perhaps that’s in the cards for a future iteration.

Still, the WordPress app works, and it doesn’t bog things down with unnecessary bells and whistles or an overly complicated interface. If you have a WordPress blog, the app won’t steer you wrong.

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