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World of Goo's cartoony art style mixed with humor and really challenging puzzles makes for a must-have app.

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A pile of awards have been heaped on 2D Boy’s World of Goo, which started its life as a PC puzzle game before making the leap to the iPad and then the iPhone. On Apple’s iOS platform, World of Goo has quickly become one of the best puzzle games around, mixing a great cartoony art style, a sense of humor and really challenging puzzles in which you use interconnecting “goo balls” to build scaffolding-like structures. Each puzzle has you building something — be it a tower, a suspension bridge or a hanging line of goo — to reach the goal. No matter what the challenge, you’ll need to don your most strategic thinking cap to best it.

For the most part, World of Goo’s use of touch controls feels really intuitive. At times, though, the control setup can be frustrating, since interacting with the screen means losing the ability to see small parts of it. 2D Boy counteracts this issue by allowing you to zoom in and out on the game using pinch controls, which means you can get the big picture or move in close to make precise movements. All of the game’s challenges are satisfyingly tough without being insurmountable, creating a nearly perfect iPhone game.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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