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Forgetful people rejoice! Now your smartphone can remind you of everything you need to do with this cross-platform list app.

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Forgetting is a bit of an art form. If you’re susceptible to it, friends, family and significant others are likely to implore you to write things down. But what if you’re so bad you forget to do that? Even if you do manage to write it down, an archaic pen and paper list can only be in one place: a desk, a pocket, a handbag or a car.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to download Wunderlist, a cross-platform task manager and list app that assists you in the sort of reminders you’ve been searching for (when you remember).

Wunderlist allows users to make lists, tasks and—perhaps most importantly—set reminders. The reminders can push straight to your phone or come in e-mail form to your inbox. The task manager app also keeps track of your due dates and overdue tasks. A weakness of the reminders, however, is that you may only set one reminder per task. The task will stay on your to-do list and eventually be added to the overdue list, but it would be nice to set several reminders for the same task, like a snoozed alarm clock.

Our favorite Wunderlist feature is its cross-platform syncing. Users can log into their lists on their smartphones, desktops or in their web browsers. It’s one remedy for the “one note in one place” problem. With Wunderlist, your to-do list badgers you by app, by e-mail and by desktop. Add that to the perpetual nagging from friends and family members, and maybe you will actually get something done for a change!

Reviewed: Dec 14, 2011 |

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