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Looking for a restaurant? A dry cleaner? Yelp makes finding quality businesses in your immediate area a breeze.

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If there’s one app you should download immediately upon buying a smartphone, it’s probably Yelp — one of the most useful pieces of smartphone technology around. Like its website counterpart, Yelp makes finding quality businesses in your immediate area easy-peasy. Just pick a category or type in what you’re looking for and Yelp uses your phone’s GPS capability to narrow down where you are and make suggestions based on other users’ ratings and reviews.

Yelp is great for moments when you realize it’s 1 a.m. and you’re starving — it can help you find restaurants that are open super late, for example, and helps you narrow them down by neighborhood and price range, among lots of other useful criteria. The app also contains a cool social element. Sign in with an account and you can leave tips, photos and reviews about a location to help others either seek it out or avoid it when they’re in the same jam as you.

We mean it: You want Yelp on your phone, because it’s not only free, it’s also extremely useful. This is the sort of app that makes owning a smartphone so great. Instant access to info that will help you stuff your face (among other things). What else do you need? 

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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