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You Don’t Know Jack

By Jackbox Games, Inc.


The game app You Don’t Know Jack immerses you in a snarkily hosted, multistaged trivia contest against five opponents in a five-minute battle royale. Think fast and you earn cash.

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The You Don’t Know Jack app is based off the computer trivia game of the mid-90s. The game app remains fast-paced, mind-numbing and down-right fun, but it excels in superior graphics, funny sound effects and perfectly timed touch interaction.

You Don’t Know Jack is available for iPad and iPhone, Android, Facebook, Roku, PC and other consoles. We say, the bigger the screen, the better, but You Don't Know Jack's multiplatform functionality is what makes this game so cool.

Log on through Facebook and start a game with your friends, or play as a guest. Before you begin, you get a goofy, self-made advertisement that gets you in that fun, game show–competitive mood. The zany narrator starts barking at you almost immediately. He’s funny, in your face, filled with corny jokes and pitch-perfect for a game like this. If you don’t like him, just roll with it because you can’t play the game without him.

The first round is simple enough. You answer questions matching events, people or objects in a correct manner, and you’re rewarded with cash. Answer incorrectly and you’re penalized. Funny little sounds and graphics (as well as comments about your skill by our snarky narrator) transition you from question to question.

Next up you’ll have a DisorDat (or a "which is which") scenario. On our first go around, we had to quickly decide if the words he was throwing us were GPS brands or peddlers of chicken. Sounds easy, right? It was not.

Not only must you have an encyclopedic knowledge to get every answer right, but you have to be quick about it. Answering incorrectly costs you game money, and answering correctly earns you game dollars. Answering correctly and quickly earns you even more game dollars. Time is of the essence in You Don’t Know Jack.

Another round requires you to type in and answer based on a variety of word games. Again, get your typing fingers ready; time is money.

Which takes us to the final (and funniest) round of the game. This will decipher whether or not you’ll spin the loser wheel or earn enough coins to play again. It’s a match game as you shoot down a wormhole. Answer incorrectly and you scream as your icon vaults into the abyss. Answer correctly and you accumulate wealth. If you’re so far gone and you have no shot of winning, you will probably start tapping away, just to hear yourself shout. The humorous sound effects and kitschy video is pure genius.

One drawback: You have to wait to play again if you haven’t earned enough coins. You can, however, buy (like, with real money) more coins and continue on.

Overall, You Don’t Know Jack is a darn good time. But like the narrator confesses about himself on several occasions, might be best digested in small doses.

Reviewed: Jan 30, 2013 |

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