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Zeebox is a new, comprehensive way to interactively engage with the shows you’re watching on TV and the people (like you) who are watching them.

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TV: it’s not just for watching anymore. Nowadays, you tweet about it, like it on Facebook and text your friends about it (Mariah and Nicki did what!?) while watching.

Enter zeebox, a cool, smart and comprehensive complement to TV since gravy met mashed potatoes.

Once the big white “z” hits your iPad screen, you’re ready to go. There are three sections to zeebox: TV Picks, Guide and Activity. In TV Picks, you get to see what’s hot on TV right now, under the heading “Most Popular.” On the left-hand side, a box display will let you know what the buzz is like on the show via Twitter and what the audience is doing. Are they staying tuned? Growing? Dwindling? That information is all available to you right off the bat. You can also see what show is getting the biggest buzz, measured by tweets per minute. Totally rad.

You can log in to zeebox by creating an account and connect with your friends through it. You can even start your own network of people whose opinions you trust and talk about what’s happening out there in the vast TV landscape. Totally, totally rad.

Also on this page, you can see what the stars are tweeting about, what’s popular in general, what’s on right now and various other permutations, based on your likes and dislikes.

OK, so that was just one section.

Navigate to Guide and you can scroll through what’s playing on every single network from two days ago to a week from when you look. Next to those shows, you can get a quick peek about what the audience is doing and what the buzz is (just like the TV Picks section).

Finally, the Activity page is where you go to see what people are saying about a specific show, or if you’ve logged in, what the folks in your network are scheduled to watch. Totally, totally, totally rad.

Obviously you’ll want to have an active Twitter account while using zeebox, which we suppose is the only downside to the non-social media buffs. Plus, to enjoy everything zeebox has to offer, you’ll want to create an account too.

But, the app is free, and after you sign in, it's completely comprehensive. Never again will you watch TV and wonder if someone else thinks what just happened was incredible, or ridiculous, or boring.

Reviewed: Jan 30, 2013 |

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