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Like Zillow and, ZipRealty offers comprehensive property information for homes, apartments, and sold- and open-house locations. We love some of its bonus features too, such as directions to properties and an augmented-realty feature that finds listings around you. 

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ZipRealty is among the prominent real-estate websites with (good) mobile apps. The company allows house hunters to sign up for a free account so they can search for and save potential property listings.

Like its parent website,, the ZipRealty app lets you search for homes and apartments in more than 5,000 cities on a map or by zip code, city or state. Then, you can sort by price, bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. As we would hope for in any reliable real-estate app, the property information gets pretty detailed here—find out if a bathroom has a skylight or what room houses the fireplace, for instance.

Its iPhone app also offers a StreetSketch feature, where, similar to the app’s Area Highlighter, you can draw a shape around a desired neighborhood or area of town in order to see only the listings that fit your boundaries. The ZipRealty Android and iPhone app have a Boundary Search feature that locks the search area on a map by city or zip code.

ZipRealty’s iPhone app has another fun feature up its sleeve: an augmented-realty instrument. Hold your phone’s camera up to the area around you, and ZipRealty populates the camera with properties located in the direction you’re facing. Click on a listing (the preview box displays the property’s address and miles away from you) to get more details like its size and estimated value from companies eppraisal and HomeGain.

A small but helpful feature is the set of directions you can get from listing pages. This is perfect when map placement isn’t enough for you and you want some good, old step-by-step driving directions instead.

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