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Zombies, Run!

By Six to Start


Need a little extra incentive to get your workout in? Download Zombies, Run!, then plug in your headphones and get running ... fast. The zombies are closing in.

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Some people need trainers. Some buy home gyms. Others have the discipline to hit the streets and break a sweat. For those of you who lack all of the aforementioned or only have a little of each, there’s Zombies, Run!, the single greatest exercise/entertainment app The Recapp has ever come across.

Once you’ve laced up your sneaks, your device is queued up and your headphones are plugged in, it’s time to turn your easy jog into an all-around workout that will exhilarate and entertain. The app’s Home screen will carefully walk you through what to expect. Once you’ve reached the Mission 1 page, you’re almost ready to roll.

Zombies, Run! is so well-integrated that you can play your own music while running. Choose wisely because you’ll be picking the soundtrack to your mission. Allow the app to use your current location, and it will calculate the integration of the mission to your running arena. You can opt to not listen to music if you want, and you can also choose whether or not you’re going to survive this run. (The developers of this app have a great sense of humor.) We personally want to be motivated beyond our norm, so we opt to have the zombies chase us.

When you start your mission, you’ll immediately notice the impressive cinematic storytelling as the voiceover informs you of what went wrong on planet Earth, as well as what is to come on your journey. As you run for your life, you will also be instructed to collect supplies so you can increase your base, stay alive and obtain more missions.

Zombies, Run! keeps up with your pace using the pedometer, stopwatch and speed. It gets deep into your run like no other app we’ve ever seen, and it will surely drive you to push your pace to the max of your ability. According to the Zombies, Run! website, the app will soon be able to track and give audio notifications about your running stats—including distance ran and calories burned—thanks to RunKeeper integration.

The game also has very cool graphics and interactive maps so you can track your progress. You can also alter the volume, change the voiceover and share your runs with people online.

Yes, this app is expensive, so if you’re a no-nonsense runner with a strict regimen, Zombies, Run! is not for you. But for the rest of us lollygaggers and even gamers out there, take a deep breath, start your mission and get running. Before too long, you’ll be dropping weight like zombies lose limbs.

Reviewed: Sep 10, 2012 |

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Zombies, Run! app Zombies, Run! app Zombies, Run! app