Michael Fuchs

Michael Fuchs is a senior editor and smartphone junkie who can’t stand the thought of being without his iPhone. It’s always by his side, whether he’s using it to record his kayak and charter fishing adventures or to listen to his favorite podcasts en route to work. When he’s not working, Mike and his wife Debbie also enjoy spoiling their three dogs at their home in Greensboro, N.C.


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Lenise Willis

Lenise Willis is an editor and former print journalist living in Greensboro, N.C., where she also works as a theatre columnist. She relies on her Android’s navigation app to lead her to her stories (and find her way out of back-alley trouble). She loves the quiet moments when she’s surrounded by nature and uses her smartphone’s camera to share pictures of fuzzy caterpillars and pretty skies.

Amy Gravel

Amy’s great loves include mint chocolate chip ice cream, green tea, animals and the ocean. She enjoys to travel, play the guitar and sing. You’ll probably find her at the local bookstore curled up in a corner with some T.S. Eliot or J.R.R. Tolkien. When she's not reading, Amy's probably documenting her obsession with sunsets and clouds on Instagram, her favorite app.

Nefertete King

Nefertete is an aspiring journalist and an intern for The Recapp. Evernote, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Yummly rank as the top three apps in her arsenal. These pair nicely with her life motto: work hard, play hard and eat better.

Alex Trice

Alex Trice is a web video writer living in Greensboro, N.C. She recently traded in her Android for an iPhone and is only mildly addicted to Candy Crush and Temple Run. Despite being a well-traveled globetrotter, she is directionally impaired without Google Maps and is very grateful to live in an age of GPS-enabled devices.

Molly McGinn

Molly McGinn is a former print journalist, food and music blogger, and life-long songwriter with a love for Vintage Country. She also thinks Mark Twain would have loved mobile tech. Indubitably.

Ryan Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan is an editor living in Greensboro, N.C., where he's worked at a TV station covering local news online and through social media. Favorite uses of his iPhone involve photography and social media—and he can't sit through an entire movie without opening his IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes apps at least once.


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Epiphinae McClennon

Epiphinae is a journalism student and an intern here at The Recapp. Friends consider her organizationally challenged, which is one of the reasons she has eight pages of apps on her iPhone to help her out with various activities. Two of her favorites: Writing Prompts (great for brain farts) and Urbanspoon (a cure for the late night munchies). If she’s not working to meet an article deadline, Epiphinae is using the Foodspotting app to help plan her next dinner date with friends.

Amanda Keith

Amanda, a Midwestern transplant now living in Greensboro, N.C., is a copyeditor and writer for The Recapp. Since most of her friends and family still live West of the Mississippi, she mainly uses her phone to keep them up with life on the East Coast. They beg her to send pictures of the ongoing restoration of her old home or documentation of her newfound gardening obsession, but mostly they get portraits of her two adorable pugs, Smee and Tootles.

Dioni L. Wise

Dioni is a contributor to The Recapp. Living in Greensboro, N.C., Dioni's favorite apps are ones that allow her to stalk her favorite entertainers (Idris Elba and Maxwell) and keep up with the mundanities of everyday life. Before she's finished making plans for a lunch date or concert, they're already marked in the calendar that's synced with her MacBook Pro. She's forgetful, so the apps on her iPhone, Dana, keep her sane.


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Alex Sheehan

Alex is an editor whose nomadic tendencies have led her to rely heavily on her equally mobile devices. She spends most of her time outside, practicing yoga, or being anti-social as she checks up on her social media apps. If you find her yelling at her phone, it’s probably because ScoreCenter told her the Giants are losing or the Yankees have been crushed by the Red Sox (which, she says, doesn’t happen very often).


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Jared Bowers

Jared is Assistant Editor for Dark Coast Press, an independent publisher out of Seattle, and a freelance writer who loves discussing and writing about music, film and technology. He's an avid user and supporter of the Android OS, and is rarely seen without his Galaxy Nexus in his hand. With his phone, Android tablet and Google TV all connected, he's one happy guy. In between projects, he also books and promotes music shows with his friends known as The Lonely House. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife and stepdaughter.


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Adam Itkoff

Adam Itkoff is a music manager and freelance writer based out of Philadelphia and NYC. (Yes, he frequently clones himself.) He's published writing in Australia, Canada and the US and also runs a literary website, The Internet Is Dead. He recently launched his music management and fashion firm, Origami Everything.


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Chris Yeich

Based out of New York City, Chris Yeich is director of content strategy, writer and a contributor to The Recapp. Some past companies Chris has helped manage: Slashdot, Ziff Davis and Reed Business Information. Yeah, this guy knows his stuff.

Zack Hill

Zack is a freelance writer and editor living in Greensboro, N.C. When not working, he's most likely checking his numerous fantasy football and baseball teams on his iPhone, or recording music at home with GarageBand.

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