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Best Social Apps

If you think social networking means you’ll never escape the people you weren’t particularly fond of in high school, think again. We’ve gathered some of the best social-networking apps for your mingling pleasure. Sure, you’ll find many of the apps you’d expect—the ones that let you keep up with friends and family, post and browse photos, publish your statuses and comments, and create a professional footprint for yourself and your small business. But you’ll also find social apps that focus on sports conversations or apps that create a social network out of one particular hobby, like drinking coffee or skiing in resorts.

If your social skills need some help, there’s an app for you. There’s an app that gives you conversation starters for dinner parties, dates and random situations. And there are apps that help you choose the perfect wine for any occasion. There are also apps that give you ideas for dates and that rate the restaurants, bars, and venues in your city, thus helping ensure your entertainment cred with whoever you’re hanging out with.

Not surprisingly, our users think the best social-networking apps are free and easy to use, have lots of features, and allow you to share across a wide variety of mediums. Check out the social apps on The Recapp. Let us know if you agree with our ratings, and be sure to add your two cents by reviewing the apps you feel are the best social-networking apps.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • HeyWire
  • Mobli
  • Meebo

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