5 iPhone Apps for Words With Friends Addicts

5 iPhone Apps for Words With Friends Addicts

Here at The Recapp, we’re word people. Most writers, critics and even app reviewers would say that they are also wordsmiths, or they are aspiring to be. We fall into the “aspiring” category.  But that has never stopped us from enjoying a fun game of Words With Friends. Often, we struggle to find a winning zinger in a word scramble game, but recently, that’s changed.

For the Words With Friends fanatics like us, we bring you five word game apps that are sure to keep your mind nimble, your vocabulary improving and the competitive fire burning brite. Oops, we mean bright.

Whirly Word

We thought we had seen any and all possible permutations of letter-based contests, but that changed with Whirly Word. Challenging, engaging and pretty darn difficult, Whirly Word is the word master’s word game app. There always seems to be that one word that evades and taunts you. When you finally get it—if you get it—it actually feels good.  Once you start playing, you won’t stop.  (Free for iPhone)

Word to Word

Do you like word association? We do. And this word game app takes it to a new level. As the games get harder and harder, the association becomes fainter and thinner, until you’re manically swapping them in and out while hoping for a match. The game does have its drawbacks, however. There are only 40 free contests (called puzzle packs) and after that, you gotta pay. The app could also really benefit from a timer or ticking clock. All told, though, good solid fun.  (Free for iPhone)

WordMix Free

Okay, not all word game apps knock it out of the park. WordMix is one of those, but if you like the newspaper Jumble, maybe this is the app for you. WordMix bills itself as, “…just like the newspaper Jumble…” and it is. But the Jumble is dated, boring and lacks any and all innovation. Still, if you’re incredibly bored, unbelievably curious or a flat-out obsessed with word games, you may want to download this app. It’s free, after all. (Free for iPhone)


We at The Recapp remember playing SCRABBLE with our families as children. It’s an American pastime, and, just like apple pie and blue jeans, we cherish it. (Not to mention it’s a great way to improve your vocabulary!)

Now, the iconic board game from the 1940s is appearing in app form. The SCRABBLE app is a fine word game, minus the annoying ads. This app not only makes it exponentially easier to play the game (even if it’s by yourself), but it also just feels like the real thing. (Free for iPhone)


Descrambler is very easy to use, loaded with options and will do nothing short of work wonders for your Scrabble score. It will also ramp up your Words With Friends and Wordfeud TWL totals as well.

How does it do all of this? Well, we’re no advocates for cheating, but if you need a little boost in your word game score (and no one is looking), Descrambler has your back.  (Free for iPhone)

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