App Developer Katja Trijber on How She’ll Never Send a Belated Birthday Card Again

App Developer Katja Trijber on How She’ll Never Send a Belated Birthday Card Again

The occasional happy birthday, graduation or anniversary message included in a traditional card can sometimes be last on our radars. We’re not trying to be rude; some of us just have very hectic schedules! So how can busybodies bring their friends and family back to the top? With paper cards, ecards, emails and even singing telegrams, it seems the only medium we haven’t tried so far is video—until now.

Katja Trijber of Hilversum, Holland is the mastermind behind the new video card app GiveTones. A television director and editor by trade, Trijber enlisted the help of enthusiastic friends, talented actors and back-end developers through her company Trijber Media, to produce her first app. GiveTones enables users to choose, create and send video cards to any smartphone in the world.

The idea for GiveTones took Trijber and her team two years to complete. The hard work (and endless fun along the way) has expanded Trijber’s interest in various media platforms and she doesn’t plan to shy away from the app world anytime soon. 

  1. What was your inspiration for GiveTones?

    GiveTones came out of a string of factors. More often than not I gave too little attention to the people around me and developed the rude habit of forgetting about birthdays, anniversaries or milestones with friends that would normally call for a traditional card. As a result of this habit, the idea of short video clips as personal messages was born. I am a television director and editor by trade, so obviously making videos is my passion. The only thing that was missing was the perfect tool to create and carry my idea.

    GiveTones video clips can be sent from a mobile device for all kinds of occasions, so no event will go by unnoticed. No need for traditional cards!

  2. What do you hope to accomplish with an app like this?

    In the hectic world we are all trying to survive nowadays, GiveTones hopes that the “giving concept” (the most important ingredient of GiveTones) will brighten people’s moods. Here at GiveTones, we’ve become a collective of television programmers and actors who are having a tremendous amount of fun creating this app. We hope to continue adding cool features to the app itself and to keep extending our horizons as a company.

  3. If you could share your app with any famous person who would it be and why?

    I can see any person having more than 100,000 Twitter followers and a good sense of humor enjoying this app. Come to think of it, I think [Monty Python’s] John Cleese fits the profile!

  4. What do you envision as the future of apps?

    I think all future mobile development will be in line with Steve Jobs’ vision of connecting everything with everything. I see an entangled  “fold-out-beaming-Internet-phone” to be transformed into television screens and running on the back end of any system the consumer prefers.

    As a result, we will probably implement new definitions of the terms  “friends.”  “Surfing” will become  “rafting” and the word  “dialing” will definitely be stone aged in a few months.

  5. What advice do you have for young app developers?

    The only good idea is an idea carried out.

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