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Microsoft’s Bing takes a simple concept (find stuff), cleans it up, puts it in a nice package and does its best to separate itself from that other search engine people just can’t stop going on about. And you know what? It (mostly) works.

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With Bing, we can’t say they’ve really reinvented or reimagined the mobile search engine, but they’ve certainly taken the necessary steps to not just make it a contender, but also make it something that heavy users might actually search out, download and use regularly—not just as an “alternative.”

Opening the app, you can already tell you’re in for a different kind of experience. Photos of the day greet you with fun(ny) “facts” about the photo on display. You can dive into trends, maps, weather and settings, all from that first screen, and all with just a tap on the photo.

Of course, you can type in your search query from the very start or use the microphone. With Bing Vision you can scan barcodes, search covers—for books, CDs, DVDs or video games—and search text. It’s fast, accurate and brimming with information of all kinds.

The bar at the bottom of the app highlights popular trends, photos and the latest news using neat little icons that take you right to what matters to you. Here, you can also access Bing Maps, Weather and other Microsoft apps. Something else that’s cool about the Bing app is that when you shake your phone, the app will you show random trending stories.

Sharing is quick and easy, and really, we like that you can do it. By giving you the opportunity to connect to your Facebook and Twitter, Bing essentially bypasses the OS wall and gains access to a much bigger audience. You can also connect and sync it to Microsoft’s cloud-based offering, OneDrive, which can go a long way to deepening your reliance on Microsoft itself.

Each feature blends well with your OS of choice. Basically, this has the modernist twist of Microsoft all over it.

Bing does exactly what it’s supposed to—and probably more, if we’re being honest. And it looks really nice in the process. Depending on which side of the OS battle you’ve thrown your allegiance behind, mileage is going to vary. All things considered, Bing ends up being much less of an “alternative” to other search engines and becomes a more than capable replacement. 

Reviewed: Apr 04, 2014 |


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