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Burn the Rope

By Big Blue Bubble


Burn, baby, burn! Keep an upward-moving flame alive on a rope's path by spinning, flipping and turning your phone.

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The beauty of the iPhone is that it has capabilities that allow developers to dream up games that make players think outside the phone. One such game is Big Blue Bubble’s Burn the Rope, which is played without touching the screen or using any kind of controls. Instead, flipping and turning the iPhone itself is the key to winning.

In Burn the Rope, your goal is to… yep, burn a rope. The rope image is in 2D, so to burn the entire thing and get the highest score possible, you need to turn your device to keep the flame burning up the rope. That means flipping the iPhone so the flame can take corners and curves or else it will go out. It’s the safest form of pyromania.

The play style is simple, but Burn the Rope has tons of challenging levels that require precision and skill. Sometimes two ropes burn at once, or players can score bonus points for burning a moving bug (don’t tell PETA!). Ease of use, innovative play, and a means of quieting your inner pyromaniac make this app hot — and very cool.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |