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Coffee Order

By ExecTones


Different types of coffee orders don’t scare you! Never miss an order on your next run to the local coffee house. 

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Coffee runs can be a hassle. Tired of searching for pen and paper, writing down everyone’s coffee-drink orders, and then losing the list or forgetting a special request? Buying coffee for multiple people shouldn’t be this complicated.

With the Coffee Order app, your only problem will be finding enough hands to carry all those coffee drinks! The developers of Coffee Order really thought of everything. Creating custom orders to satisfy everyone’s unique taste is as easy as tapping a few icons and typing your name. The main screen lists the user’s current order with options to add new drinks or favorites from past coffee runs. For a new coffee drink, select from a range of different types of coffee, including brewed, espresso, hot or cold, blended drinks, tea, and even non-coffee drinks.

Each category then breaks down further into a selection of specialized coffee drinks that can be customized according to size, caffeine, shots, milk type, additional flavors and whipped topping. If you don’t like your coffee too hot, there’s a section for temperature requests, too! Like extra foam on the surface? Yup, you can request that, too. Every icon matches your preferences to make your coffee shop order perfect.

Once your coffee creation is listed with your taste requirements, add your name so as not to get it confused with everyone else’s different types of coffee. You can add it to the current order and even give it a star to be saved to your favorites. Did someone in your coffee group suddenly change their mind? Just tap the edit button and remove their order from the list.

We wish Coffee Order offered more editing preferences, though. After an order is customized and saved to the current order list, the only way to edit that entry is if it was saved to favorites. If it wasn’t, the entire coffee order entry needs to be re-entered with the changes and then saved again.

This app is beautifully designed with creative icons for every coffee creation imaginable. Save yourself the headache and download the Coffee Order app for your next coffee run. Just be sure to bring an extra set of hands to the coffee house.

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Reviewed: Nov 28, 2011 |