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CompareMe is so simple, it’s almost too simple. But its handiness outweighs that complaint.

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Sixteen ounces for $3.99, or $6.99 for 32 ounces? When you don’t feel like doing calculations in the grocery aisle, the CompareMe app makes it easy to figure out which package is the better price. It lets you input information like the cost of the packages and their sizes or weights, and then breaks down the price per unit and tells you which is a better deal.

In situations like figuring out which box of cereal gets you more cornflakes for your buck, CompareMe can be pretty handy. It’s built for speed, with big buttons and numbers that make entering info and getting answers a simple matter. The app also supports a host of different measurement types and allows you to check prices against all of them; it even handles the conversion for you.

If CompareMe has a flaw, it’s that the app is almost too simple. It has but one function and feels about a dollar overpriced for essentially being a calculator that does two things at once. Still, it’s so convenient that we’re willing to overlook its lack of extra functions.

Reviewed: Aug 26, 2011 |