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The location-based Findmytap app helps you find local bars that serve your favorite on-tap and bottled beers.

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We'll cheers to this app. Findmytap helps you locate your favorite brews at local bars near your current location. The app is simple to use and helps of-age drinkers who are serious about their beers find their favorite on-tap and bottled brews, no matter where they might be. With Findmytap, you can even share your late-night escapades and consumption ventures via Facebook or Twitter.

The app is similar to Yelp's GPS-based search engine, except it limits destinations to bars and places that serve your most beloved brews. In the Bars Near Me section, FindMyTap gives you the bar’s name, the number of beers that are on tap or bottled, customer reviews, the location's distance from you and directions. Findmytap also shows you the different on-tap and bottled beers they serve, pictures (if they have them) and contact information. Filter your results further by typing in an address or zip code into the search bar. One feature that we would like to see in this app is the ability to search for a bar's name.

If you're on the quest for a unique beer, use the Beers Near Me feature, which lists drafts and bottled beers served nearby. You can narrow down your choices by typing in the beer of your choice in the search bar. The app pulls up the bars closest to you that serve the brews, as well as reviews from fellow beer snobs. If you have any favorite beers or bars or you want to locate new ones, you can find them in the app's database, tap on the entry's star and make it one of your favorites. On the home screen, you can easily go back and look through your favorites so you can visit that bar again to toss back your preferred beverage.

Can’t find your favorite bar? Findmytap allows you to add a bar as a visitor or bartender/owner. Bar owners can enter their bar information and even create an account so they can edit their beer list.

Reviewed: Mar 12, 2012 |